Monday, 2 June 2008

'world's greatest concertos' by frog eyes 5 pt. font mp3 player

i want to own a miniature mp3 player which is about the size of a new 5p. it just has one song on it; 'world's greatest concertos' by frog eyes. i could keep it in my wallet and then press it and it would transmit the sound directly from my thumb to my brain whenever i wanted.

the best i can do is post it as a link which i can click on and is easier than opening windows media player (until it is obscured by other posts by which time i will have stopped being obsessed with it anyway)

i like how it sounds kind of upbeat but also frantic and a bit insane. it sounds kind of how i've been feeling recently.

lyrics: I know what she said
/ And the witch heard what she said to / "Hold the fucking waters / And freeze the burning waters / But don't dry your clothes / The woodcutter is dead / And his girls cut instead / His ghost is seen in trees / And he put his love in tarry knees / Born between walls / Don't hold my body in pitch / My body is BORN ALL DAY LONG / Bastards born in pitch lost, / lost, through allocations / Correcting the king / The trees their limbs in the wind they swing / What portents do they bring / Hobos and songs they sing, / "We Eat Stones!" / Encapsulate the body / And emasculate the body / And hold the burning waters / The tubs of burning waters / Holiday! / The trees are bones and / Dipped in wax and burning cones / And call a celebration / The master's burnt in his burning station: WE ARE THE STOVES! / The maid, the fox, the children, the locks / And the same wretched song /Everybody sings / The woodcutter is heard to sing; / bodies born to ding / So hold my body and ding my body and / I heard what she said and / I know what she said / "I said it, I said it, I said it, I said it," / I heard what she said and / I know what she said / "I said it, I said it, I said it, I said it," / Baby's got a cold, /And the crying's getting old / The same wretched song / Clean up the bamboo / And save the world too / The same wretched song / The Same wretched song / Oh the same wretched song

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Catherine Lacey said...

for a similar effect play "peacebone" by animal collective on full blast using a very large, old speaker like the ones they have in movies from the 70's