Sunday, 27 July 2008

the hold steady - hot fries

does anyone have an mp3 of the song 'hot fries' by the hold steady?

i've entered the search 'hot fries hold steady mp3' into google maybe once a week for the last year or so. there's just one broken link and pages with the lyrics.

i remember it was available for download from their myspace page about a year ago, but it was at a time when i didn't have my own computer to download it onto. then it disappeared.

i will paypal american dollars or english pounds or post you something or whatever you want in return for you emailing me this mp3.

here is a video of them playing it live:


wow. someone emailed it to me. thank you. i didn't think anyone would actually email it to me. i feel like my faith in the human race has been restored. that sounds sarcastic, but i'm being honest. i'm listening to it right now for the third time. if anyone wants me to email them the mp3, i will happily do so. i think i'm going to turn my gmail 'signature' to an attachment of 'hot fries'. i feel indebted and excited. thank you, thank you.


internettle said...

found it here

someone had psted this on a forum. It has three track is in including hot fries. I also emailed it to you.
Hoope it works out.

internettle said...

i hoope one day i will learn to type properly too.

Martin Higgins said...

I've not heard this track before. If it works Chris could you send it to me? Are you going to see them at academy 1 on 30th Sept?

mi said...

i am alive


thinman said...


I can't seem to find a link to your e-mail but I wanted to request that, provided you still have it, you e-mail me an mp3 of "Hot Fries". I'm trying to make a Hold Steady B-sides compilation so that fans can access out-of-print (and often not even iTunes available) songs. I'm having trouble tracking down:

1. Milkcrate Mosh
2. Curves and Nerves
3. Hot Fries
4. Modesto Is Not That Sweet
5. You Gotta Dance (With Whoever You Came With)

If you have any of those other ones also they would be much-appreciated. Hopefully I can make it so everyone has access to these hard to find (but great) songs.

haasertime said...

i have all of those except 'modesto'

just email me.

cassonia said...

hassertime - I've got every single Hold Steady song but Milkcrate Mosh, Curves and Nerves & Hot Fries...

Is there any way you could get them to me too? I found this blog through desperate creative Googling, when I realized that they were the only ones that I didn't have, hahaha.

Daphne said...

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