Wednesday, 30 July 2008

(i'm not doing something 'exciting' and 'cool' with the num6er six 6y the way; a letter on the key6oard of my laptop has stopped working.)

thank you to everyone who came to this thing tonight.

i had a really good time.

everything was okay.

everything was 6etter than okay.

if you came: thank you for coming. thank you, thank you. if you didn't come, 6ut may6e almost came, 6ut something happened: please come to the next one.

i filmed it. i'm going to make a short film and post it on here later in the week.

i don't think i'm going to film any of the other ones.

the sound of the camera turning off was loud and distracting.

i'm listening to 'Stay Positive' 6y The Hold Steady.

if i was going to write an al6um review of it, it would just 6e something like: "okay then: *****"

each time it finishes i feel a small moment of panic 6efore i can press the play 6utton again.

i had a really nice time this evening.


Colin Bassett said...

i'm glad you're making a video of it, good job

ryan manning said...

the asian clarence thomas

Ben Myers said...

"bbb: the number of the beast."

Martin Higgins said...

I really enjoyed last night, it was great fun. I enjoyed all the readings, the music, the stand up, the sit down, and the 'eeeeeeeeevening!' team bonding session in the lethally warm smoking area. You throw a mean evening sir. I look forward to the next one.

Also The Hold Steady are ace.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to come! Pretty gutted I didn't but fate dealt me a nasty blow the day before, I won't go in to too much detail other than, it involved a bruised head and me feeling very sorry for myself. Hope you have more nights lined up for the future!

sally cook said...

6etter than okay. Lots 6etter than okay. 8rilliant.