Thursday, 10 July 2008

reading night now booked + etc.

people from Manchester, please write "go to the new Trof off Oxford Road (basement bar) at 8pm" legibly in your diaries in the space for Tuesday 29th of June. i don't know how you'd do the link bit. improvise. but that's the date and venue for the reading night i'm helping organise, anyway. it now has a facebook group, a myspace page, and a blog, although there's not much on any of them yet. but if you use facebook or myspace, please join/friend us and we will keep you reminded. we have some good stuff already penciled in for the first night. hopefully it's going to be monthly. more info TBA.

i have to give the miniature keyboard back to its owner. i've been going on a 'miniature keyboard eBay bidding frenzy' over the last few days, and being repeatedly out-pipped. but tonight i won this type of miniature keyboard. i'm excited.

i listened to the Catching The Big Fish David Lynch audio book last night. thanks, Duncan. it made me want to try transcendental meditation. i can't afford transcendental meditation, so i treated it like i was teaching myself how to use a dodgy computer program without a manual, and looked it up on the internet. i found an appropriate mantra here and then sat on the sofa and tried to 'transcend' for about twenty minutes. i kept seeing horrible things. i don't think that's supposed to happen.

i'm going to London tomorrow to have publicity and book jacket photos taken. i feel apprehensive. i have very big hair and a strange facial expression most of the time these days, and i don't want to inflict those on anyone. it's too late to cancel or reschedule. i think i want to wear a printed out picture of someone else's face. if you email me a full-size photo of your face before 9am (UK time) tomorrow, i'll see if they might let me use your face selotaped onto my face for the photos. (probably not.)

also, there's a kind of short review of Paul Simon and a bit about the reading night on the Transmission blog.

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