Friday, 25 July 2008

Sombrero Fallout

i just re-read Sombrero Fallout by Richard Brautigan. i'm writing a short thing about Richard Brautigan for the next Transmission.

"I hate you!" a seventy-one-year-old woman shouted at a total stranger, somebody she had never seen before in her life, and then she punched the person, who was an elderly man, right in the balls. He dropped like a stone to the street but was able to open the package he was carrying and take out a lemon cream pie that he had just purchased at the bakery and shove it into the old woman's knee.

"Pervert!" she shouted down at him as he lay there grinding the pie into her knee.
(which is another way of saying: i don't know what to write on here. i feel confused right now by the idea of 'maintaining a blog'. i feel like i have nothing to say, except 'i like Richard Brautigan' and 'i have things forthcoming, that i will link to on here, when they are either online or in a magazine or whatever.' this will change, probably. tomorrow, maybe, i will write a long, involved account of going to the supermarket, or a bad poem, or something.)


brandon said...

i like you i support you

PeteWild said...

my brother called me up last night and said 'all i want for my birthday is a copy of sombrero fallout' (it's his birthday next week) - and i said 'sure' and 'fine', thinking what a great birthday present. then i started doing the old online search for it and discovered not only is it out of print (can you believe it?!?) but second hand copies circulate for between £50-90!!! which made me feel all confused - on the one hand, i was glad copies of his books are felt to be so valuable but on the other - IT'S OUT OF PRINT!!!!

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