Monday, 4 August 2008

the bird room on amazon

i just found out that The Bird Room is on Amazon. you can't order it or anything yet, but it does look like you can write reviews. if you've read it -- if i emailed you a draft, or lent you the proof -- and you're bored, please write a review. i'll buy you a pint or something. (or paypal you the money for a pint.)

also: i like Casey and Brian. listening to them makes me feel like a small child at a wedding reception, hyped up on coca cola and the attention of strange relatives, running around a large hall in smart clothing, skidding on my knees and eating cake and later going home in the car and lying in bed with my head buzzing, unable to sleep.

and: i edited the film of the first No Point in Not Being Friends night. it's really dark, the 'camera work' gets progressively worse (drunk), and i forgot to record the open mic slots. still, it maybe gives you an idea of what it was like.


Ben Myers said...

Congratulations Chris, I'm 'genuniely pleased' to see the book on Amazon.

Not in an ironic or aloof way, but in a child-like way, like when you see a shiny new bicycle in a catalogue and all you can say is "Cor...!"

chris killen said...

cheers, Ben.

Colin Bassett said...

'genuinely pleased' as well

also, i liked your 'here explodes my giant face' video greatly

Tao Lin said...

i can finally do intern work for you

i will review it after i read it again

i think i'll only be able to review it in america

unless i create a UK account and then order something you already want and have it mailed to you or something

chris killen said...

thanks, Colin.

thanks, Tao. i was thinking: i could set up a uk amazon email account which you could log into or something. or yes, the ordering thing. thanks.

Brandon said...

Hi Chris Killen. Very grand blog, grand in a way I'm sure your novel will be when i get my mitts on it.

ryan manning said...

the asian ernest hemingway

jereme said...


when does it come available for sale?

i will add it to my list of books to buy and give away for free.

i'll slate you for october unless it is not available for sale at that time.

let me know.