Tuesday, 12 August 2008


i went to the morrisons today, and looked at the fish counter for a while. trout, sea bass, an eel. all sorts of fish. most of them still had faces. it was strange, they were on a bed of icecubes. a man in a uniform came up behind the counter and said, 'need any help, pal?' and i said, 'no, thanks, i'm just having a look.'

before i went into the morrisons, i stood next to a motorised poster by the entrance. juice, a holiday company, something else.

it's four-something in the morning. i feel too tired to move all the piles of crap off my bed.

i just found a new band i like a lot. the band aren't new. two of the members died, one quite recently. i can't decide which of the songs on the myspace page i like the most. i don't know why i have to decide, but right now it feels like i do. either 'swing low' or 'statistic wigs'. oh god. um. okay then. 'swing low.' i'm going to put that song on my myspace page when i've finished typing this. more info and mp3s of the band here and here.

'dan bejar was in the new pornographers.' i forgot that and then remembered it today, much earlier on, around 2pm in the afternoon.

i'm having a good time 'wearing a moustache'. it feels like a practical joke. not sure if i'm playing the joke on myself or everyone else. maybe both.

the next reading night is booked for the last Tuesday of August, whatever date that is. we don't have as many readers scheduled yet. i think i'm going to read something at this one. possibly a dating advert. more info nearer the time.

what about 'strangled planet', though? i like that song a lot too -- the female vocals at the start.

also: holy shit


saw maybe five minutes of Child's Play 3 on TV, changing channels

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ryan manning said...

the asian dorothy dandridge

Ben Myers said...

Morrisons has the very best fish counter of all the supermarkets.

I recommend the skate wing. 'Pan-fried' as they say - even though all things are fried in a pan

As I type I'm wearing a t-shirt that says 'Eat Fish, Live Longer' on it.

sam pink said...

hey can you send me an email like, three or four days before you need the video.