Sunday, 3 August 2008


Cats (b. India, 1974), are animals. Cats walk around and go under cars. Sometimes they come out of alleyways and have a look at you. One time I owned one and it would do things like go into the garden, and look at birds, and sometimes go underneath my dad's car. My cat was called 'Frisky'. Other cats have other names, things like: 'Gentleman Jim' and 'Fuckwand' and 'Marmeduke.' I don't know if those are real cat names. I just made them up. My cousin has a cat called 'Linford'. Other people I know have cats called things like 'Pixie' and 'Elvis'. I once saw something on the internet about a cat circus. There were cats wearing clown costumes, balancing on balls, etc. Cats can be trained. Cats also live in the wild.

Other Types of Cat

Lion (like a normal cat but larger and more dangerous)
Tiger (see Lion above)
Wild Cat (like a 'house cat' but stays outside)


Homeward Bound the Incredible Journey 1&2
Pet Cemetary
A Fistful of Dollars
or For A Few Dollars More (briefly -- gets scared by a gunshot and runs offscreen about an hour and a bit in)

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Chris Clarke said...

Cats have only got one friend. What a Loser. Lets all friend them.

Martin Higgins said...

The musical 'CATS', which is best known as an 80's Andrew Lloyd Webber broadway production, was in fact originally written by a large orange cat called 'FLAXON 7' (or 'Bertie Tweeklenose' to his friends) in the 50's as a furious critique of the communist witchunt orchestrated by McCarthy in the US. Tweeklenose (I was a close personal friend) was considered a dangerous political activist, McCarthy himself referred to him as 'a fucking dickhead smellyface red', and his work was banned.

Webber came across the controversial musical whilst working as a musical consultant for the FBI in the 70's. Both inspired and disgusted by the Tabby masterpiece, the wrong-faced composer decided to both steal and 're-imagine' the show for the culturally bereft 1980's. It was a success. Webber made over a zillion pounds from the first weeks takings. Critics called it 'good' and 'a nice thing'.

Webber, as we all now know, became 'King of Music' in england and now resides in a house made entirely from rhythm and gold. The fate of FLAXON 7 remains unknown.....

Daniel Bailey said...

haha. fuckwand.

Brandi Wells said...

ryan manning said...

the asian rudy giuliani