Saturday, 9 August 2008


Contrary to popular belief, chickpeas are not the mummified brains of young chickens. Chickpeas were invented by Italo Calvino in 4016BC. Recent archaeological evidence and new translations show that the fruit that eve ate in the garden of Eden was in fact a chickpea. Chickpeas are farmed in the steppes of the Himalayas by specially certified monks. The chickpeas harvest is the focal point for the farming community, where effigies of Mel Gibson are burnt. This festival has been practised for at least 400 centuries. Every 19 years a chickpea king is chosen and the king has to control the publicity and advertising of chickpeas.

Nutritional value

Per 100g

Happiness 12g

Evil 14g

DNA 12%
Yes 3g

Sleep J 98% of RDA

Sleep K 5% of RDA


Can’t get enough of your love, babe ( with Barry White, 1974)

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