Saturday, 2 August 2008

Christian Bale


Christian Bale (b. India, 1976), is a Hollywood actor. He has been in some films like The Machinist and Empire of the Sun. Christian Bale's first words were, "I want to be an actor." Christian Bale lives in Beverly Hills. Christian Bale avidly watches the TV comedy Scrubs. Christian Bale likes going out socialising. Sometimes Christian Bale stays in and has a read. Christian Bale has impeccable dress-sense. Christian Bale eats seafood. Christian Bale has a 'special place' somewhere in his house which no one is allowed to go in. Christian Bale once mentioned God and Hitler in the same conversation, and was misunderstood and upset a person, but later explained himself (Christian Bale had had a few drinks by this point) and the person no longer felt so upset. Christian Bale blogs here: Christian Bale doesn't particularly like the novels of Richard Brautigan, describing them as, "Not my thing -- too hippyish and whimsical."

Historical Overview

Christian Bale, moving through the world, slowly getting older. Acting in films. Thinking occasionally about "9/11". Once in conversation with someone about The Tudors. Christian Bale vs. Peak Oil. Christian Bale directly contributing to the success of Blockbuster Video. Christian Bale going for a walk one day, as an old man.


Empire of the Sun (1980s? -- played this role as a child)
American Psycho (2000-ish)
The Machinist (lost weight for this role -- maybe 2003)
The Dark Knight (right now)

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Sky_Wing said...

He was also the first homosexual to portray Batman.

Brian x said...

Can I be an entry in your new site so people will srart looking at my blog and maybe enter my contest?

FrostingandFire said...

i hope you weren't leaving "Rescue Dawn" off
the filmography as a conceptual choice because
you hate it? i personally love it and think it was
the birth of Christian Bale. i believe it was during that movie he said those words "i want to be an actor"

cool post.
i love jereme dean, by the way.
(oh, but not like THAT, if you know what i mean,
but his blog is how i found yours)

Martin Higgins said...

Christian Bale based the voice of his 'Batman' on the sound of his cat 'Myrtle' bringing up a hairball. He achieved the voice by spending three months eating nothing but sandpaper and sawdust. The resulting growl has been hailed by some critics as 'ridiculous' and 'highly comical'.

chris killen said...

sky_wing, i didn't know that.

brian, you should write an entry about yourself and i'll post it on here.

frosting and fire, no, i just didn't know about that one.

martin, thanks for the info.

Dan Twyman said...

Gay...Nah...he's just skinny.
His voice is pushed and it if we notice the voice, we are taken out of the story and think about how odd the voice is. The filmaker should not that as it costs them in the long run. I liked the last film, but something was off in the pacing. Heath stole the show as they say.

kaleidoscopic said...

Actually, he is gay. Why he was even hired for this role is a mystery to Batman fans, in the least, never mind whatever The Americans think.

ryan manning said...

the asian kate hudson

carpet_gnat said...

Isn't Kate Hudson the asian Kate Hudson? Probably why The Americans don't invest in the stupid entertainment industry over their own real culture. Makes sense.

chris killen said...

i have no idea what's going on. i'm sorry.