Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Dinosaurs (b. India, 1976) come in three flavors. Melon, Lychee and Watercress. Melon dinosaurs are capable, like all dinosaurs, of levitation, but prefer to be held. Lychee dinosaurs are carnivorous and I should know. (I'm missing a pinky finger and my index from the second knuckle up.) Watercress dinosaurs are very shy and spook easily. They are quite well-read, though. All dinosaurs weigh 1.2 pounds until the moment of death, at which point they evaporate. Dinosaurs invented the scratch-and-sniff concept later popularized by stickers and rare, expensive wall-papers often used in the homes of hip hop stars.


The Land Before Time

Space Jam

TV Appearances

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
(Nickelodeon, Season Two, 1995)

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chris killen said...

www.dinosaurs.blogspot.com is really good. there's just one excited post from 2003 and then nothing else.

Catherine Lacey said...

It didn't show anything at all when I went there... just a blank white page.

ryan manning said...

the asian thora birch

sam pink said...

catherine lacey is pretty.