Thursday, 7 August 2008


Ghosts (b. 1950) are lonely. Also vengeful. A ghost’s breath smells like sweetcorn. Its sweat smells like peanuts. Its urine smells like urine. If you meet a ghost, talk to it. But don’t pry. Many ghosts are still sensitive about their demise.
In spite of their reputation, ghosts enjoy being photographed. However, they are incredibly vain. Given fair warning, decent light and complete creative control, it is relatively easy to get a satisfying photograph of a ghost. Hurricanes are vengeful ghosts. Certain kinds of fishing line are ghosts. The moon is horribly alone and is also a ghost. Ghosts are great fans of fine art. They are fierce and unforgiving critics but find it difficult to suppress their howls of sorrow and are thereby unwelcome at many galleries. Also, ghosts like motorcycles.

Styles of Ghost

Underwater Ghost

Bossa Nova Ghost
Ghost with Claws

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[submitted by Crispin Best, cheers, Crispin]

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