Friday, 1 August 2008

i want Wesley Snipes to google "Wesley Snipes" and look at every single entry and on page 3179 of Google look at a picture of my dismantled laptop

the 'b' key on my laptop is working again. i attached a new keyboard. it was kind of scary and thrilling. i felt like Wesley Snipes in a mid-nineties film about laptop repairs. (i don't think that picture gives a true representation of the 'collected shit' found in and beneath my laptop keyboard though. maybe i'd wiped it with a tissue by that point. there was enough hairs to make a small wig plus 'bonus' dried breadcrumbs and flakes and other things i don't even want to think about.)

i received the 'slang' issue of Mercy magazine in the post, too.

i have a story in this issue. it came out in March this year, and after about half a year delay or something. so the story is very old. i think if you click on the picture you can read it, maybe, depending on how big your computer is, and how good your eyes are. if it's really small and illegible, and you want to read it, email me and i'll send it to you. it's just something silly. (i didn't do the picture or specify that bit of 'graffiti' at the top.)

my story is completely eclipsed on the following two pages by this thing by Kathryn Cooper:

good work, Kathryn.

i will edit the video of the reading night either at the weekend or next week. i need to get a special lead off Socrates, first. if you read at the night and don't want to be included in the video, please email me. or if you want like a black square over your face or something. i'm only going to use a couple of lines from each person. it'll be very very short. a 'teaser'.

i have lots of things forthcoming, too: three or four stories in small print things, a 900-word online dating advert, an interview, an article, and a strange 'conversation' in the next Canongate Meet at the Gate magazine between the main character in my novel and someone else's main character.

i'm sorry if i've not sent anyone emails or anything recently. i don't know what happened. i kind of freaked out for a while. one day i went into town and tried to 'reinvent' myself. i wandered around Affleck's Palace, bought a 'western style' shirt, got my nose pierced, then had a haircut. i felt like i was playing a strange computer game. i feel a lot better about things now. mostly because of the 'b' key.

the reading night i helped organize worked out really well. i liked looking at my facebook newsfeed afterwards, and see people who didn't previously know each other write nice things to each other. success.