Wednesday, 6 August 2008


India (b. India, 1976) was the first ever country and is a sad tooth. It belonged to a shark with a two hundred mile circumference. On a Saturday afternoon the shark bit a huge rock, mistaking it for plankton. One of its teeth fell instantly out and became lodged on the sea bed. The shark died. It was horrible. Its tooth was so lonely it became a country. India let people live on it but it preferred sharks really. In the eighties India tried to grow the shark back. But it only grew China and remained unhappy.


Each person made of India left behind a dent the same size. The dents had so much in common they decided to live together. They sang songs, played table tennis and had invisible sex. But mostly they just cried and eventually became rivers, like the Jhelum, the Ravi, the Tapti, the Krishner, the Godavari. The Ganges is nearly a million dents long.


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[submitted by Gary Cansell, thanks Gary]


ryan manning said...

the asian mira nair

Ben Myers said...

The Asian Asia, surely?

Wufniks said...

this one best one
well done this