Sunday, 10 August 2008


John is a noun. Some people mistakenly think it is a name from a thing called the Bible? It is not. It is a man who pays a girl for sex.

A John can come in all shapes, sizes and smells; big (like Fatty Clinger, my first John), little, round, red, etc. Some Johns are missing limbs, giving rise to terms like "the one-armed John" and "Gimp John." The primary feature that determines a John from a Larry, Harry, or plain old Dick is that a John always has something a whore wants, and sex play is what the whore barters. A Larry or Harry may on occasion have what a hooker is looking for---money, cocaine, or a "legit" available role he is casting in an upcoming Hollywood movie----but usually a Larry or Harry will not know how to use the barter system effectively to get play.

Johns can be of any nationality, with the exception of people from ________, as they are involved in illegal child sex trafficking, especially stealing children from Cambodia. Keep in mind a kidnapped child can NEVER ever be considered a whore, thus a kidnapper should never ever be confused with a John). I have experienced work as a hooker with Asian, Columbian, Caucasian, Arab, and other nationalities. Depending on the Johns native culture, a Johns requirements and expectations will vary. For example, Italian Johns generally want their hookers to do perverted things to horses, or other large animals, in exchange for haute couture fashion items, such as fine leather boots and handbags. Because these items can be gotten very cheaply by the Italian John, the hiring of prostitutes is very common in New York City among Italian businessmen. Nomenclature also varies according to nationality. Again, using as an example the Italian John, the nomenclature includes words/phrases such as "Foto mi," "cullo" and "Domani," (the latter term mostly being used at time payment in full is due).

Some John's are very nice and can speak several languages at once, which can be confusing for a girl, but also educational. Johns can be friends. Be nice to them.

[submitted by Suzy Devere, thanks Suzy]

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