Monday, 4 August 2008


Moustaches (b. India, 1976) are a kind of facial hair. Like a beard, but smaller. Just on the top lip. A moustache implies one or more of the following things: 'power', 'confusion', 'the seventies', 'insecurity', 'a moment of weakness', 'a 'crazy' person', 'historical dictator', 'Morgan Spurlock', 'a paedo', 'a big, strong body', 'mystery', 'the eschewing of 'social convention' either ironically or for other more serious reasons', 'someone halfway through shaving, messing around', or 'a rock musician'. Moustaches are mostly found on men. Women can have moustaches, too, but they are usually smaller/more wispy/unintentional.


The Dali, the Chaplin, the Sea Lion, the Coconut, the Hitler (very similar to the Chaplin -- mostly signified by the facial expression of the wearer), the Faulkner, the Hamsun, the Brautigan, the Gatorade, the Fu Manchu, the Milk Moustache (n.b. not real), the Gentleman Jim, the Shopping List, the Motivator, the Concorde, the Aviator, the Dandy, etc.


Three Men and a Baby
Three Men and a Little Lady

(Ian McKellen playing Knut Hamsun, i think -- haven't seen this one, but would like to. have seen front cover/poster. fantastic moustache.)
Don't Look Now (especially during, and directly after the sex scene)

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