Friday, 22 August 2008

No Point in Not Being Friends 2

hi, if you live in Manchester, please come to the second No Point In Not Being Friends night.

it starts at 8pm, on Tuesday the 26th, in the Basement Bar of the Deaf Institute, just off Oxford Road.

fiction and poetry from: Annie Clarkson, Emma Unsworth, Zack Wilson, Richard Barrett, Emma Lannie, Michael Halmshaw, a video-reading from Sam Pink, and i will be reading something too.

and, hopefully, something from Ben Davis again.

and music from Thomas Western.

if you write poetry or short stories, and you'd like to read them on the night, there will be four or five open mic slots. it won't be too scary, i promise. last time everyone was very nice and listened carefully and clapped at the end. there was no booing or heckling. please email in advance if you definitely want to get on, but last time only one person did, so you could just come along with something printed out in your pocket and probably get on.

it should be fun.

(also, it's free.)

i'm listening to Titus Andronicus.


i went home for four days.

i made some notes on my second novel, provisionally titled 'Sexy Vampires'.

the notes were all about 'sexiness'.

they said things like 'too sexy?' and sometimes 'not sexy enough'.

one note was about the possibility of bite marks in a penis.

'would the fangs come out the other side?'


i read the thing Colin Bassett wrote about my blog and felt strange and kind of agreed.

'no power'

i'm not sure how 'calm' or whatever i am though.

now i want to destroy my blog, very slowly.

the thing above about 'Sexy Vampires' is the first step in my 100-point plan to destroy my blog.

i am going to post one destructive thing on here, for 100 days, until my blog is destroyed.

it will be 'the next 'supermarket nightmare' novel' except without a plot or anything.

just 'wild' self-conscious destruction.

i don't think i'm being serious.

i saw the cover for the German version of The Bird Room today. that was exciting. i printed it out and showed it to my parents.

Das Vogel Zimmer.

i've been writing another thing, as well as 'Sexy Vampires'. it's just short chapters. i think it will have 100 chapters or so. it makes no sense. i guess it's a 'Brautigan', kind of. i'm having fun writing it. not sure what i'm going to do when it's finished. maybe another chapbook, or something. or a separate blog. here is one of the chapters:


Misha attached two cats together and made a pair of binoculars. The pair of binoculars were hard to look through because they were wriggling around and hissing. Misha looked at me through the binoculars for a long time. Then she spoke.

‘You look very handsome and far away and covered in fur,’ she said.

‘Great,’ I said.

Misha eventually dis-attached the cats and put them down on the floor and they ran off in opposite directions.

‘Let’s get something to eat,’ she said, smiling, her cheeks all scratched and bleeding.

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Anonymous said...

re: Binoculars. ouch...i can see that they go in different directions; that she is bleeding; that nothing is strange. it is a very strong image.