Tuesday, 26 August 2008

please come to the reading night tonight

foreign films, music, a dead bird, fishing, the 80s, wool/string/etc., the houses of parliament, pigeons, cordless phones, sea creatures (long cucumber-shaped things, etc.), Larry David, an apple, Iceland (the country, not the supermarket), Windows Media Player, a sleeping bag, my face, Holly Johnson (a country singer? not completely sure, might have made her up), letters, witches, READING NIGHT, the song 'Twins' by Cass McCombs, a fretless bass, wristbands, hairlips, plastic, a hand, a small girl walking along, the maltese falcon, nits, sexual escapades, tie-dye, fruit flavoured chewing gum, hoola hoops, dentures, hollywood icons (Denis Quaid, etc.), stairs, winter vegetables, tabards, the band 'The Music', frosting, horrible silence, break-ups, etc.


Anonymous said...

wish i could!

Fat Roland said...

Oh I have just come back from holiday, otherwise I would have popped down. (Yes, I'm surfing the web instead of unpacking.)

Shame, because I really like horrible silences.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I might come to one on my winter holiday.

Crispin Best said...
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Crispin Best said...

i've been told it went well
i hope it went well

i feel a bit like my stomach is being punched
i really wanted to come
but there is another one
and by then i will have a girlfriend whose father is a fireman and i will steal the fire engine and just drive

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

hiya pals. I couldn't go. I'm on holiday. UNLUCKY LOSERS. I hope it was really rubbish because I wasn't there.

Fat Roland said...

The Guardian blogs love you:


Gregling said...

Had a brilliant time, thanks to all, I even blogged its sorry ass:
Looking forward to the next one already. Tick tock, tick tock. I was runner-up in the sweatiest man competition, I also looked like I was wearing lipstick after drinking a bottle of the house red, which you must try.