Friday, 8 August 2008

Small Birds

Small birds (b. India, 1976) appear in a sequence, starting with 'average' small birds like budgies, pigeons (do pigeons count? are they small enough? i am going to say yes), moving through more 'festive' small birds like the robin, and 'novelty' small birds (i.e. talking ones), leading eventually to the 'king of small birds', the crested norwich canary.

the crested norwich canary doesn't have a head. once i looked at a video on the internet of two crested norwich canaries sitting on perches in a birdcage, trying awkwardly to move around without being able to see. one managed to hop in an ungainly fashion onto another perch.

the 'design' of the crested norwich canary eschews 'practicality' and 'survival' instead focussing on 'the absurd' and a 'dada-ist approach' to being a small bird. the crested norwich canary has transcended function and the ability to see/move around properly.


that video i saw on the internet

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Sara said...

I am sorry, but I have to disagree with your decision to allow a pigeon as a small bird. Clearly this is not a small bird, more a medium to large.