Tuesday, 5 August 2008

video poem / amazon

i have a very short video poem up at
Here Explodes My Giant Face. Colin Bassett's is very good, too. i like the idea of this site.

also, strangely, the Bird Room amazon page has changed. now you can pre-order it, but can no longer write reviews. there is a 'discussion' bit, though. it might only let UK people discuss it, but if you're bored at work, why not contribute to the 'huge online buzz' and write in the discussion bit? i think it would be funny to read 'discussions' about it, 6 months or so before it comes out. it would be really obvious that you know me/i have prompted you to discuss it.


Martin Higgins said...

Like this very much Chris.

ryan manning said...

the asian kurt cobain

jereme said...

i really liked the video poem.

good choice.