Thursday, 7 August 2008

wanted: people for interviews

i'm making a short documentary.

if you are either: a woman of any age or: a man with a moustache, and you would like to be in my documentary, please email me.

if you live in manchester, i would like to meet you briefly and ask you a couple of questions. i will film the interview. it will only take a few minutes. if you live somewhere else in the world and have access to some kind of digital recording thing -- video camera, normal camera that takes short movies with sound, etc. -- you can also be involved. i can't pay anyone or anything, but you would get to be in the short documentary. and if you live in or around manchester and could meet me in the city centre or something, i'll pay for a tea or coffee or fruit juice or bottled water or whatever.

men with moustaches
please get in touch.


Fat Roland said...

I am a man. I live in Manchester. However, I can't grow facial hair very well, so I fall down on a pretty major point.

I will start growing a moustache today, and I may be legible for an interview some time in the distant future, like 2049 or something. I'll send a zapmail to your hovercar when I'm ready.

brandon said...

i have a moustache how can i help

sometimes people will look at it and say 'molestache' and grin or they will say 'mexistache' and maybe grin

Jonathan O'Brien said...

I do not have a moustache but am more than willing to pretend to have one.

You are also on the Waterstone's Phoenix system in case you haven't been informed of this no doubt very exciting development.

Brad D. Green said...


Does the moustache have to be on the upper lip? I'm just asking.

Also, there is a red dotted line under the word moustache and it irks me that the computer is so judgmental.

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