Saturday, 13 September 2008

date me

i have a dating advert now online at This Zine Will Change Your Life. i'm expecting to be 'inundated' with offers.

my friend Jenn's novel recently appeared on Amazon.

Jenn is one of the people booked for the next No Point in Not Being Friends night -- 23rd of September. we have lots of people confirmed now: Jenn Ashworth, Joe Stretch, John McAuliffe, David Gaffney, Tao Lin (for the 'video reading'). i also asked someone in a dream early this morning, who turned into someone else with the same name shortly after they'd agreed to do it. that was awkward. more info nearer the time ...

i'm in charge of designing the poster this weekend. it needs to be done by monday. i was planning to try and use photoshop, after reading about photoshop for a bit on the internet. does anyone reading this use photoshop regularly? is there someone willing to give me their email address, so i could email them with questions or whatever if i got stuck?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're into soft furnishings but I saw this and thought of you

Jenn said...

Thanks for the plug, Chris.

I feel like it is all right for me to die now in some freak toaster related accident.

I have been immortalised on amazon.

ryan manning said...

are units moving

Amy Rose Walter said...

I just read your dating ad and I thought it sounded truly awful, but I liked just how awful you made it sound. And so probable, too.