Monday, 22 September 2008

Derby photo journal

i read at this book launch thing on Saturday night in Derby. i had a good time. the 'book' is actually two small books and a badge and a leaflet and an envelope made from an old map and a bit of string and a small key and a postcard. i feel like i'm forgetting something. my copy probably has a piece of my flatmate's hair in it too or something from the bottom of my bag, an old crumb from a marmite sandwich or the small torn-off corner before you eat a mars bar. i'm going to take a photo of it, to explain better, which will probably look 'ominous' because something bad has happened to the electrics in our living room recently. the lightbulbs don't work but the lightbulbs are fine. anyway, here is the photo:

yep, pretty ominous. it doesn't really look like a nice, self-produced, hand-made book that took three people a lot of time. sorry. the time travel opportunist people -- Emma, Nathan and Biff -- were very nice and put us up for the night. we went to a dancing club after the reading. i drank blue drinks. i took my camera with me for the trip. i think i was planning to do a 'photo journal' or something for the blog (i'm not exactly sure what a 'photo journal' is, just photos of things, i guess.) i only took a few photos on my trip.

i had tea at Jenn Ashworth's house in Preston before we drove to Derby. that teapot cost a lot of money apparently. you could buy lots of pairs of those glasses, i think, for how much the teapot cost:

[then lots of other stuff happened -- the reading, the dancing club, etc. -- and i didn't take photos of it]

then we went back to the time travel people's house and i looked at their record collection and hoped they had a copy of 'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen and found a copy of 'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen and put it on and tried to take a photo of it:

[that's the end of my photo journal.]

i'm listening to this band a lot at the moment. i think they have 'everything i require' in a band. they make me feel very sad and excited at the same time. they sound (to me) like a 'wildly talented' child drawing a gigantic intricate picture of something like a 'cityscape' or a 'series of cat faces' or a 'huge yaght' or something.


ryan manning said...

the units are moving

chris killen's flatmate said...

There was more than that moving - the ghosts were not fans of the boss and kept turning him off, ha!