Tuesday, 16 September 2008

how to make a miniature swan:

**warning: 6 minutes long**

[i just thought, if anyone wants to make their own miniature swan and email me a photo of it, i'll post it on here with a link to you or whatever.]


Duncan Cheshire said...

Very good. Do you still receive phonecalls on your miniature swan-phone, or is it now a full-time miniature swan?

I have an origami swan that a Japanese girl once made for me. Or it could be a crane. It has a long neck and wings either way. I could take a picture of it and submit it as 'one that was made earlier'.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I think that the lack of comments on this is disgusting. Chris has gone to a lot of effort to educate you bunch of fucking clueless idiots about swans and all that and no-one even says anything.


Tao Lin said...


sally cook said...

I think maybe people are just stunned. I personally was stunned when I saw this. Stunned in a good way.

FrostingandFire said...

I didn't comment because I was too filled with envy.