Tuesday, 2 September 2008

i felt kind of scared of the internet for most of the last week

the reading night last tuesday was really good. i don't know why i haven't written about it already. lots of people came. some had to stand in the doorway, there were that many people. a couple of people blogged about it, here, here and here. i felt less 'harried' this time, but still kind of harried. maybe in about a year's time (if it's still going on in a year; i hope so) i will only feel 1-2% harried, and be able to just stand there and get mildly drunk and enjoy watching people read things. i still felt a bit like a seventeen-year-old organizing a village fete or something.

chicken and pies
is 'back in action'.

about a year ago, i was nominated for a 'manchester blog award'. i got to go and read at the night, and won something, and felt surprised. that was fun. i have nominated some blogs this year that i like. if you read any manchester blogs, you should nominate them, because then that person might get invited to come and read at the awards thing and have a nice time.


Martin Higgins said...

The second reading night was very good indeed, although I seemed to be a contender for the coveted 'Sweatiest Man In Manchester' title for most of the evening. I shall construct and wear a suit made up of ice packs for the next night which will in no way take focus away from the people reading.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Kali mera fili mou.

Just a bit of greek there.

Thanks for letting everyone know about chicken and pies. I am sorry again for not attending the second reading night. I feel like a traitor.