Thursday, 11 September 2008


i got this in the post:

it's really good. Chelsea Martin writes really good, bizarre short things, Catherine Lacey writes really good, smart things, and Ellen Kennedy writes really good, depressed things. that's my review. 'really good.'

i also got an 'exciting' plain white envelope, which i was hoping was Wolf Parade tickets, but which turned out to be a notification that my rent hasn't gone through this month.

the next No Point In Not Being Friends reading night is booked for Tuesday 23rd of this month. we are booking some good things, and it's going to be upstairs in the big room at the Deaf Institute. check the 'official blog' for more info nearer the time.

my novel is now reduced to £6.59 on amazon. i think that's a good thing, i'm not sure.


Colin Bassett said...

i agree with your review a lot

ryan manning said...

perhaps units will be moved

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

good review. very direct. very accurate. also, alice tippit is very good. she allowed me to use the drawing that is on the cover. i should probably send her a copy.

thanks for the review. happy cobra books has an international presence now.