Friday, 19 September 2008


i'm reading something at the launch for the Time Travel Opportunists' new book 'HOME' tomorrow. i have a short story in it. the launch is in Derby, 8pm, at a place called the 'big blue coffee company'. click here for the poster. Jenn Ashworth is also reading, and lots of other people.

city life did a quite 'professional' little profile on the reading night i help organise, and the manchizzle blog also gave it a plug.

i added things to the bird room website, in the 'about' section.

i was going to link to something else i wrote online, last night, but now feel a bit 'ashamed' of it. i don't know.

i think if i had to live somewhere that was made out of songs, i would live in a small town made out of shins b-sides and 'unreleased/rarities'. some days it might be a bit bright to look at and give me a headache -- i'm imagining lots of lurid green grass and cartoon-y white clouds with faces and things -- but in general i think i'd have 'quite a nice time'. where is that in real life? Brighton? the Isle of Man? i want to move wherever it is, anyway.


sally cook said...

I think it might be portmeirion in Wales.

sam pink said...

"my seventh rib"

brandon said...

i have feelings of missing you or something