Wednesday, 1 October 2008

manchester review, first chapter of The Bird Room

the Manchester Review is now online.

it has the first chapter of The Bird Room in it.


Colin Bassett said...

i liked it, feel quite happy and excited about it

Eli Regan said...

'hangs in the air. becomes louder than the kettle'

great. gave me boosegumps like james baldwin does.

Nabby Adams said...

I enjoyed it too. But I hope that, before the book is published, your copy editor will have fixed the howling grammatical error which appears in the 4th paragraph on page 2 of this extract. How did this escape the hawk-like attention of the Manchester Review's editors, I wonder? Who awarded your degrees in English Lit?

chris killen said...

colin & eli, thanks.

nabby, do you mean that the narrator says 'stood' instead of 'standing'?

it's first-person narration. it would be weird (to me) if first-person narration was always grammatically correct.

the narrator of that section of the novel would say 'stood' instead of 'standing'. i say 'stood' instead of 'standing' sometimes in conversation, and no one picks me up on it.

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