Monday, 6 October 2008

new poem

i was 'given' this poem recently in the anthology Issue 1:


Light and heavy
Yellow and easy
Easy and uneasy
Meaning a hot cold poem
. from above carpentry frigid past
This poem may think and retrieve,
. but it is slowly woodwork
His thigh frowning, thirsty and inhuman,
. his hand wondering
Stand beside the most other
. writing of the frigate
Thrive some lamb
. to jostle a
. . night of trees
Everyone looks to an age, where
. writings and kings and souls wear
. . want
Close existence, close convenient houses

i didn't write the poem. i think a computer wrote it. i am going to read some of my own poems at this thing, which is the October version of the reading night i help organize. i might read the computer poem, too. i quite like the idea of saying 'his thigh frowning, thirsty and inhuman' out loud to a small crowd of people.


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chris killen (writer)

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