Friday, 3 October 2008

new stuff

i was part of a 'collaborative' story thing at Beat the Dust. lots of other 'good sports' wrote things for it, too. (Jenn Ashworth and myself did silly things with post cards for our author photos, while i was round her house.)

short 'author profile' thing in this week's Bookseller (featuring a one-off special 'limited-edition' photograph where my head looks like a baked potato).

and, and, and: my 'new favourite all-time favourite band of all time', WITCHIES, have finally recorded three songs.


DOGZPLOT said...

read your KANSAS piece in beat the dust.

"A small, trapped bit of piss leaks involuntarily out of the man’s penis. He’s excited. He’s scared, too."

this line killed.

good shit.

Pieterer said...