Wednesday, 22 October 2008

new stuff

Duncan Cheshire wrote a new story for the Cat Boat. about time, too. thanks, Duncan.

the thing i asked people to send in photos of their faces for was rejected by Dazed & Confused for being too silly. i posted it below. i read it at the Beepfest on Saturday, too, and was mentioned in this review as the 'bloke carrying around a huge picture of his own face'. it is not my face. it is a face i found on the internet. i printed it out on A3 card and stuck the story on the back of the card and read it out so the picture obscured my own face.

i'm reading at the Manchester Blog Awards tonight. i'm going to read the first chapter of the bird room. afterwards, i think there's a Q&A. it will be my first ever Q&A. i'm expecting questions along the lines of:

"why are you so awkward?"
"why don't you try and stand up straighter?"
"are you a sex pervert?"
"why are you so shit?"
etc., etc.

i have an article in the new issue of Transmission, which is out now. my article is called 'Richard Brautigan: a subjective appreciation'. it is just 1,000 words of me going 'i like Richard Brautigan'.

i also have other things forthcoming. things forthcoming include: exciting, almost-confirmed foreign rights deals on the bird room, short stories in about three things, spaghetti and meatball ready meal for dinner tonight, and the view of my tiny, cold penis in the bathroom mirror as i move towards the shower.