Wednesday, 15 October 2008

no internet

i'm moving into a new flat this week. i am in a 'transitional period', moving backwards and forwards between two flats.

things to do in new flat:

get the internet, somehow (?)
erect bookcases (done)
listen to Wilco (done)
make a cup of tea (done using pan on stove. tasted a bit of gravy.)
have a small party (after this thing?)
make a mess (done)
tidy up (tomorrow)
eat some soup (later on)
read the rest of Young Hearts Crying
do exercise
make friends with the neighbours
'entertain' a young lady
buy a plant
start a window garden
listen to Wilco again
buy a kettle
make a cup of tea using the new kettle
open all the windows
have a shower
have a 'strange moment' looking at my face in the mirror
go to bed
generally 'have a nice time'


Anonymous said...

did you get a tea kettle with a whistle? just curious.
hope you have fun in your new flat!

Zo Hashim said...


is it just me, or did someone just leave a comment pretending to be me? :/

Anonymous said...

zo hashim, i am also zo (its a nickname). never want to be you (nothing personal) and never pretending to be you. sorry we have the same two letters.

Zo Hashim said...

haha i guess it was just me then:)

no worries, good to see more Zo's running around :D

Tao Lin said...

how is 'young hearts crying'? i haven't read it i'm pretty sure

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I'm avin it.
You, me, him - there, camp street?
Eh? You havin it?

Let's ave it.

rwrkb said...

"Listen to Wilco" is always a must!

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