Friday, 10 October 2008

possibly have your face published in Dazed & Confused

i'm writing a short thing for Dazed & Confused magazine, and i need a picture to go with it. the thing i'm writing is a very short story, about someone's face. i don't think i can use a copyrighted picture. i'm not even sure the thing i write will get accepted, the deadline is 16th of this month. i'm going to try and take some pictures of my own face for it, but if you would like to have your face in there instead -- assuming the story is liked and accepted -- please email me a high-resolution, copyright-free photo of your face or someone you know's face.

face wish list:

serious old man face
serious old woman face
obviously fake smile

any of those would be really good.

deadline is 12 p.m. (UK time), 16th of October. the 'prize' is the possibility of your face being printed in Dazed & Confused magazine. i will also generally 'owe you one', and post you a free copy of the magazine with your face printed in it.