Monday, 24 November 2008

crossing border, the bird room, GREAT, no point in not being friends, my shower, etc.

i got back from the Crossing Border festival yesterday afternoon. i was there for six days. i was involved in a project called 'The Chronicles' where a group of writers and translators were paired up and we had to write our impressions of the festival, etc, which went up on the website and were then translated into or from Dutch, and other languages, etc., etc. here are the columns i wrote while i was there:

Introduction - 'On Being Translated'
Thursday Column - 'Missing: One Piece of Paper'
Friday Column - 'Thank you, Thank You, Thank you'
Saturday Column - 'Oh Well'

the 'epilogue' is still forthcoming. i think i have until Friday.

i read the first chapter of The Bird Room, too, on the 'big stage' just before Liam Finn played. it went down okay, i think. here is a picture of me reading, taken by Hester Tollenaar, one of the translators:

i wore my 'lucky red socks' for the reading. there is nothing really 'lucky' about them, except that they are new-ish still, and were kind of expensive for socks:

[i think i developed a 'paunch' from the free food and beer.]

the hotel room was very nice:

[i'm reading Excitability by Diane Williams at the moment.]

there was a little fridge in the room:

[the sandwich didn't 'come' with the fridge. i made it at breakfast.]

the shower was very good. it was like a 'massage-strength' shower:

here's a comparative picture of the shower in my flat. it is more of a 'senile dribble-of-piss strength' one:

[don't worry. i've since cleaned off the mould. i used dettox 'mould and mildew' spray.]

when i got back to my flat, there was a parcel of two 'real', final-version The Bird Rooms waiting for me:

i like the design a lot now. it looks kind of the same as the proof version, but there's 'spot varnish' in places and the paper is nicer and thicker and yellower. also, it has 'french flaps':

(i'm very excited about the 'french flaps'.)

the magazine GREAT, edited by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Chelsea Martin, is now available for preorder. i have a small thing in it (chapter 5 of 'Paul Simon'). there are lots of good, interesting writers in this issue. i'm sure they will post copies to the UK.

Brandon is also doing a 'video reading' as part of the fifth 'there's no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them' night, which is tonight.

i'm excited about showing Brandon's film. there's lots of other good stuff lined up, too.

please come along if you live in Manchester and have nothing better to do this evening. it starts at 8pm, it's free to get in, and should be fun. click here for more information.


Catherine Lacey said...

That is one fine book. If I saw that it a bookstore I would buy six of them.

Berlinergirl said...

Chris, can't wait to read the whole thing. I'll send along some photos of you if you want from the reading and intervew that last day. Of course if you are interested in any of the bands let me know.
Nice to meet you! Lise

sam pink said...

i'd like to know more about the sandwich in the fridge please

chris killen said...

catherine, thanks. i still need to send you one in exchange for 'young revolutionaries'. i haven't forgotten. i'm just rubbish and slow at things.

berlinergirl, thanks, that would be nice. yes.

sam, the sandwich was made from one folded over slice of white bread with seeds and things in it, which i sliced myself. i put margarine and a piece of ham and a piece of cheese on the slice and folded it on over. then i put it in a napkin and 'snuck' it past the staff at the door to the breakfast room.

sam pink said...

i am satisfied. thank you.

Montgomery Maxton said...

your red socks are fun

jontrig said...

strange, i've just been led to your blog by a circuitous route of procrastination from the manchester review site: i studied there too and i was reading at crossing borders the other week. My room was identical - except i had a small half-empty bottle of whiskey, a brown banana (which i couldn't bear either to eat or to throw away)and a packet of Worther's Originals in my fridge.

next time...

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