Friday, 7 November 2008


Socrates got interviewed here and here.

new cat boat story by Pete Sach forthcoming. please check back tomorrow. i would've posted it today, but i only have about 5mins left on the library computer.

US edition of The Bird Room now forthcoming -- Harper Perennial (2010). hooray.

i had cheese on toast for lunch.

my new novel is 'coming along' well. i've had lots of new ideas. i think there's going to be a bit in it where an old man climbs out through a boy's mouth.

Shane Jones' LIGHT BOXES can now be pre-ordered.


xtx said...

cheese toast sounds delicious and lovely

Brandi Wells said...

i have cheesetoast every day for lunch. plus tomato, plus basil, plus garlic, plus mustard.

Tao Lin said...

good job on US the bird room

i think it will have an interview in the back, i look forward to reading the interview

brandon said...

youre being really successful

Brian Centrone xxx said...

A US Edition! Why didn't you tell me? Whoo-Hoo!!!!!! You made it Kid. Let's have a US Book Party. I can't wait.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

ooooooooooooooooo yah that's soooooo sexxxxyyy i love it.

I am David

Philippa said...

I had cheese on toast for lunch too. But I don't have a griller so I made it in the toaster, on its side. Not a good idea. :)

Shane Jones said...

UK sales rising.

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