Monday, 17 November 2008


Cass McCombs is playing tonight at the Deaf Institute. i'm excited. the gig is put on by these people. click here for other times i've mentioned Cass McCombs on my blog.

i am going to the Crossing Border festival tomorrow. i will be part of the Chronicles project, where i think i have to write a short article once a day for 4 or 5 days. the first introductory article -- on the theme of 'translation' -- is already up in English and Dutch.

the next No Point in Not Being Friends night is booked for next monday, the 24th, at the Deaf Institute again. please check the myspace page, blog, or facebook event for more info.


FrostingandFire said...

ha ha ha!!! fantastic new image on your page. zo.



thanks for blogging about/coming to the show.
Hope you had fun. Sorry it went on so late (if that was a problem for you? I know it was for some people)
You should've, maybe, said hello or else i should have but i wasn't really sure what you looked like but then i figured it out. And but also i guess you wouldn't know who i was.

Is this weird? Maybe you wouldn't even feel like talking and plus as well maybe neither of us are 'schmoozing' or 'meeting people' types.

Oh, i just read the Tao Lin choad interview and just wanted to say that the choad-use phenomenon was in full swing with my girlfriend and her friends in the 1990's in Manchester.

Have a good trip

R L Perry

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