Wednesday, 3 December 2008

forthcoming internet cartoon, plus links

my friend Tim Russell is writing a blog about 'The X-Factor'. this week is 'Manchester bloggers week' on his blog. i went round to Tim's nice house with some other people and we sat and watched 'The X-Factor' and made notes and then typed them up and emailed them to him. Tim gave me an oven pizza.

Socrates' chapbook 'Flesh Feast: the Human Brain' is now available for pre-order. i think he is posting them for free. you just need to email him.

the Manchester-based magazine Transmission is having a Christmas-hamper-of-books giveaway thing if you buy any of their back issues. i have stuff in issues 9-12.

i wrote a short post about a live video of Okkervil River on barbed cat penis.

it is so cold in my flat that i am wearing a hat and jacket.

i've had some early responses to The Bird Room now -- from friends and from people in 'the industry' -- and the usual reaction is, 'I like it; it's not what I was expecting.' i am starting to panic that i am not giving off the 'right' impression on here, that this blog is somehow misrepresentational. i don't know. pointless whingeing. sorry.

i wrote 9,000 new words of my novel, yesterday and today. i feel like Blake Butler.