Wednesday, 31 December 2008

i got tagged in an internet meme thing by sam pink, and have tagged some more people

The Bird Room can now be reviewed on amazon. there are 8 customer reviews, from the amazon 'vine (tm) programme'. it is averaging a 3 star review, i think.

i got tagged by sam pink to write 7 things about myself.

1. i grew a beard and felt strange and then shaved it off recently and still felt strange.

2. i have about 24% self confidence at the moment, i think.

3. i am wearing a pair of fingerless gloves. typing feels odd.

4. the amazon reviewer Z. Herbert "solaan" wrote, '
I have read work by children aged eight that is better written and more interesting than this dismal effort. What a struggle to read it and to keep the discipline to reach the last page!' and 'The only surprise I found is how such poor writing manages to find a publisher.' about my novel.

5. i'm reading Brighton Rock at the moment. i liked the part where Mr Drewitt says, 'Sometimes ... I have an urge to expose myself - shamefully - in a park.'

6. the amazon reviewer Wilz "wilson9hb" wrote, 'I kept going to see if there was any improvement, a point to the story line or a move away from the infantile present tense ramblings peppered with dreary sexual encounters that leaves you wondering why the participants bothered.' and 'I finished feeling depressed both by the book and the time wasted in reading it!'

7. i watched the film Elf at Christmas, and now i have a big crush on Zooey Deschanel.

i have to tag 7 people now, i think.

i am tagging:

Tao Lin
Brandon Scott Gorrell
Zooey Deschanel
Sam Pink (again)
Shane Jones
Crispin Best
and, um, the girl who works at the weekends in the Somerfield near me.

(i won't feel insulted or anything if the people i tagged don't write things about themselves or completely ignore this post.)

i will post more interviews with people soon.


gary said...

Moustaches to Z. Herbert. Moustaches to Wilz.

Fat Roland said...

I wish you every success with your book. I shall certainly be getting a copy.

I notice Z Herbert also posted an Amazon review of Eylure Eyebrow Stencils. 3 stars: "Worth a try."

Martin Higgins said...

I also now have a crush on the Zooey woman. She have a voice that it is nice.

Crispin Best said...

holy cow that zooey just got engaged to ben gibbard from the death cab for the cutie!

Emma Roy- Williams said...

no wonder your self confidence is 24% mine would be pretty low if i'd seen those reviews. don't let em'bring you down. they are thickening your literary skin.

Biff said...

Zooey makes me feel excited. I got the album She&Him Volume One for Christmas where she sings and plays piano and writes most of the songs, where M.Ward then plays on them and produces them.

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