Tuesday, 23 December 2008

interview #11

interview with

please describe an 'online interactive elderly cat'.

janet has a realistic pink mob cap hiding untold delights: double click to find out what's under janet's hat today! she has nice fur from a real tabby cat photoshopped on and then given a 'grey' tint. you can change your mouse pointer to a picture of a kindly hand and pet her fur. this makes janet purr. www.janetthecat.com

have you ever made up your own board game or anything? (what was it?)

not really but we used to 'make up' ouija boards in my form room in school lunchtimes. does this count? it always worked, i remember being surprised at how easy it is to contact the dead. If I did make up a proper board game I imagine it would be something like 'game of life'.

what is the very best thing about the online game 'Second Life'?

"that it keeps the kind of people who enjoy playing it off the streets?" I don't know - isn't it just like the 'game of life' but on a computer?

how can i cure the mold in my bathroom? (it's all over the ceiling. i cleaned it off once and it came back again.)

molds are simple, microscopic organisms present virtually everywhere. they are in the air around us all the time every day. they can cause negative health effects like mood swings and memory impairment. In the bible, god spoke to moses about greenish mold in the home (Leveticus 14:33-40) so it's a problem that has been plaguing mankind for a long time. wear eye and nose protection. scrub the entire area with hot water that is 10% household bleach. Allow to dry thoroughly. if this doesn't work: stop using your bathroom.

how are you feeling about the next No Point in Not Being Friends Night? (Tonight. 8pm. Deaf Institute. Manchester.)

I am worried about it. I seem to have an impossible amount of things to accomplish before then. my brain feels a bit floppy. I shouldn't be answering this quiz. I think that it will be alright on the night though. I like christmas.


Frank Morgan said...

hello killen

i just 'won' (i say 'won' not because it's not good but because i didn't do anything to 'win') a copy of the bird room from that book geeks compo

i am excited by this prospect as i read a few pages on amazon (here)
and wanted to read more.

I appreciate that by 'winning' the book i'm effectively taking money out of your pocket so soz about that

but yeah, i'm pretty pleased about the whole affair.



Kendra Grant Malone said...

i like these lil interview guys

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