Sunday, 21 December 2008

interview #5

interview with SARA CROWLEY

what did you do yesterday?

This will be a boring list of some of the things that I did, none of which are interesting:
Made breakfast for my twins, made their packed lunches, took them to school.
Ate breakfast, drank coffee, put washing on.
Read emails, played Pathwords, sent a couple of story subs out.
Wrote christmas cards, spoke to my best friend for ages on the phone.
Tried to edit an old story.
Picked boys up from school. Last day of term, Christmas holidays now, they were excited. I tried not to be gloomy hater of Christmas.
Cooked boys dinner whilst speaking to best friend on phone again (she was having a crisis.)
Cuddled my boys.
Broke up a fight between my boys.
Drank wine whilst my husband told me how shitty his day was.
Watched Heroes whilst eating delicious chicken curry made by my husband.
Bitched on facebook chat with Jo. She made me laugh.
Went to sleep.

what are your thoughts on the online interactive game 'Second Life'?

I don't have any thoughts about it at all.

please describe yourself in the voice of a 'bratty' teenage American girl.

Impossible. I don't know what that would sound like.


"She's sooo fat, it's gross. And she's like stuck in some 80's goth timewarp or something. Bitch thinks she's fierce, but she's as intense as jello."


who would win in a fight between your boss at work and Bill Gates from Microsoft?

My boss would triumph. She is an older woman, with an ex-schoolteacher's stare. One look and he'd keel over.

how can i cure the mold on my bathroom ceiling (it keeps coming back)?

I would think Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover would possibly work? It sorted my bath grouting...


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