Tuesday, 9 December 2008

review of GREAT

i received a contributor copy of GREAT -- a magazine edited by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Chelsea Martin -- in the post yesterday. it has chapter five of 'Paul Simon' in it.

i'd seen some pictures of the magazine online already, on Brandon's blog i think, but was still 'wowed' by it once i was holding it in my hands. there are a few colour pages. there's a really good balance between the writing and art. each page is designed differently, but with an overall 'aesthetic' running through it, i think.

my favourite part was the 'editor's notes' at the back. Brandon and Chelsea have a page each. in fact, the whole magazine kind of feels like a conversation between them -- like a string of emails from two people in different cities saying things like 'have you read this person, they're really funny' and 'have you seen art by this person; what do you think? i really like it'.

i felt like i was being 'let in' on something private, maybe, i don't know. not that it felt voyeuristic exactly, just that the personalities of the editors really came across for me.

i read the whole thing quite quickly, but i know there are pieces i will be going back to again. i really liked the art, too. for instance, i stared at a picture called 'Heart of Glass' by Michael Bilsborough for approximately ten minutes, thinking 'what is this? what's going on here?' (in a good way).

GREAT has a nice balance, i thought, between writers i'd come across before by clicking links on litmags, blogs, etc., and writers and artists i'd not heard of and now want to read more of.

i liked it a lot.

highly recommended.