Friday, 16 January 2009

The Bird Room now in stock at Waterstone's

i just got a phonecall from a friend of mine at Waterstone's. The Bird Room is now in stock. Manchester Deansgate branch received 50 copies today. it is on a 3-for-2 promotion.

i just looked at this list of other Waterstone's who also have it in stock.

[i am going to go and have a look at it on the shelf at some point today. this post will probably be updated later on to incorporate a picture of me standing next to copies of the book, grinning like a goon.]

in case you were thinking of going out to buy a copy, here are some 'edited highlights' from recent amazon ('vine programme' (tm)) reviews:

"Pathetic bloke with a broad jealous streak starts off sad, gets a bit sadder and ends up still sad. Possibly there are a couple of intriguing litrary devices to get us questioning his reality, but maybe not. I asked my lad-literate husband if I was missing something. He read it in two hours and said no, there was nothing worth missing."

"At the end of the book though I was forced to ask, 'So what?'. I was left with no sense of meaning or what this book was trying to communicate."

"I was not very thrilled by this book. I found it to be quite mind numbingly void of any real story plot and intensely boring ... All in all I found it boring, seedy (not sexy) and very depressing."


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

you are now eligible for an ipod nano

chris killen said...

oh good.

we should make a film at some point which is the story of a person who desperately wants to be 'eligible for an ipod nano' and just spends the whole time wishing and complaining about his/her eligibility for an ipod nano, ultimately distancing himself from his/her friends and family and never deeming himself/herself 'eligible'.


Martin Higgins said...

This is good news indeed. The book being out as well as the nano eligibility.

I shall go across after work and buy a copy. Hoozah!

Rafael Escalona said...

ipod nono
ipod nano
ipad nana
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i paid nanny

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I am not eligible for ipod nano

Richard Barrett said...

congratulations on the book chris.

picked-up a copy earlier this afternoon from the trafford centre (horrible place!); looking forward to getting started on it.

cheers, as well, for sending the no point not being friends booklet over.

Anonymous said...

jolly well done Chris. my grandma reads anything that's on 3 for 2 at waterstone's, so I'll let you know what she thinks.

chris killen said...

thanks, martin, rafael, richard, anonymous.

i think your grandma will 'love it'.

annie clarkson said...

I like boring seedy (not sexy) and very depressing books. It sounds like just my cup of tea.

Tim Woodall said...

I like the person who used the words 'litrary devices' in their review. I also want to be a kind of Jonathan Ross character for books. 'Fiction 2009'. And for every book I review I'll make at least one spelling error.

Ani Smith said...

What the fuck is 'lad-literate'?

Fuck that. (Sorry, I've had a few drinks, but seriously, what the fuck? Fuck them.)

I am going to Waterstone's tomorrow.

Sorry for this comment. Sorry for the world. I am going to read your book. Not that knowing this will make you feel any better. But still.


Word verification: pitie

Ani Smith said...

How do I get an ipod nano?

Crispin Best said...

hello everyone

isn't chris good?

are you eligible for a wikipedia page now?

and how about that lottery? ANOTHER rollover!

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Don't worry Ani you will be eligible for an ipod nano

brandon said...

your novel is in my like 'top 10 favorite novels'