Wednesday, 7 January 2009

interview #12

interview with SIAN CUMMINS

if you were going to create an male 'avatar' in the online interactive game 'Second Life', what would he be called and what would he look like, do, etc.?

He would be called The Line Manager and he would wear a Rain Check Suit. He would Review, Monitor and Evaluate the situation.

who would win in a fight between you and me?

You, probably. When we were flatmates, I would have had recourse to dirty tricks; dipping your toothbrush in mushroom soup every day until you were at such a spiritual low that my pathetic martial skills would prove deadly. Now I am powerless.

how can i cure the mold on my bathroom ceiling (it keeps coming back)?

You should ask ‘how can I mould The Cure on my bathroom ceiling (they keep coming back like all the other ones do)’. Cure-nices.

if you had unlimited money (Linden dollars) in the online interactive game 'Second Life', what would you do (as the male 'avatar' you described in question one)?

Going forward, I would Action a bout of Sky-Blue Thinking. If my online friends could spare me the Resource, I would buy them a celebratory Pixel Sour.

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Matt DeBenedictis said...

I love the progression of these interviews. The questions are stakes getting higher and higher. The answers are gut moves.