Thursday, 8 January 2009

interview #15

interview with RYAN W. BRADLEY

what did you do today?

So far I have woken up, put in my contacts, taken a shower, shaved, gotten dressed, and eaten some strange new cereal (I think it had something to do with Animal Planet). Now I'm chilling on the couch mentally preparing to go to my day job.

what is going on in your life right now?

I'm getting ready to head in to the thesis semester of my MFA, I also stay busy with my six month old son and doing math homework with my ten year old son. I'm also trying not to be impatient about all the submissions I have out in the ether, especially not the submissions of my novel.

please describe an 'online interactive elderly cat'

Orange, slightly pixelated, ragged fur. Trying to cough, but not quite able. It sounds more like choking. You turn down the volume on your computer. Then you change the page, because really, who wants to look at that?

have you ever made up a board game?

Not that I can remember. I've made up non-board games, ranging from baseball with stuffed animals when I was a small child to games that were ridiculous excuses for me to drink more when I was an undergrad.

what are you going to do directly after finishing this interview?

I am going to find something to bring to work for lunch, and grab a book as well (I'm thinking Karnak Cafe by Naquib Mahfouz). Wait, reading back over my answers life is sounding dull, so now I'm going to make something up. After I finish this interview I am going to get in my Nascar car and drive in a circle for a few hours. Damn.

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Ryan W. Bradley said...

i partially regret not being more witty or "smart ass" in my answers. it was early in the morning and i was not in form, overall i give myself a B, maybe a B+, because let's be honest, i'm biased.