Saturday, 10 January 2009

reciprocal interview by Ryan W. Bradley

i was reciprocally interviewed by interviewee #15, Ryan W. Bradley (see two posts down).

the interview can be read here.

*warning: interview spoiler alert* negativity, passivity, apathy, moustaches, repetition, ingestion of trans-fats, self-loathing, small penis, lack of intimate relationships, Steven Hall, forthcoming novel (Jan 22nd), more negative amazon customer reviews, lack of knowledge, Frankie Sparo, inability to tell anyone else what to do seriously, giant panic, giant feelings of technical inadaqacy due to comparisons of writing to the writing of Richard Yates *warning: interview spoiler alert*


Tao Lin said...

the cat photos are consistently funny to me, i feel amused

Tao Lin said...

interview with you

chris killen said...

thank you.