Thursday, 8 January 2009

"let some mysterious chunk of space debris puncture the roof and set me free"

Crispin Best made a remix of the the song 'Andy Warhol'. i like the remix a lot. it made me laugh. it sounds 'wildly geriatric' somehow, in a good way.

i was featured in Dennis Cooper's thing, 'Five interesting guys I don't know personally who've befriended me on Facebook, Volume Two'.

i have some readings coming up.

very soon:

i am reading at the Pulp Net Short Story Cafe, next monday (12th), at the Costa Picadilly in London. it starts at 7.30pm, and costs £3 in.


the launch for The Bird Room is going to be part of the next No Point in Not Being Friends night, which is booked for Tuesday, 27th of Jan. i think the launch part will be quite early on, about 8.30pm, maybe.

i am reading at the January Bookslam in London, on Jan 29th, along with Ross Raisin, Richard Milward and Joe Dunthorne. it costs £6/£8 in, and starts at 8pm.

bit further away:

i will be doing a lunchtime reading thing, somewhere at Nottingham Trent (probably the Clifton Campus?), and again, maybe in the evening, somewhere else in Nottingham, on Feb 25th.

ages away:

i am reading at this Manchester University event, on 29th of June, along with fellow writing fellow Peter Sansom. it costs £4/£2.50 in and starts at 5pm.

the quote at the top is from a Mountain Goats song.


Brian Centrone xxx said...

Dennis Cooper! Jesus Christ, Chris. What a fuckin' honor!

A.R. said...

All very interesting, there's a risk I might show up at one of those London events.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

is....could that be.....have you made????? is that???