Friday, 27 February 2009


part 2 of an interview with me is now up on The View From Here.

i reviewed a chapbook called MEN (directly below).

recent thoughts:

"should i start a twitter account?"
"should i change how i pronounce Brautigan from 'brow-ti-gan' to 'braw-ti-gan' now i know the correct pronunciation?"
"i wonder what _______ is doing right now"
"i need to move flats, why haven't i phoned my landlady to tell her yet? what am i afraid of?"
"maybe a Paul Simon blog, like one story a week or something, updated every saturday"
"i need a wee, i will go for a wee in a second"

'i am david' update: 704 views.

"if 'david' reached 1,000 views ... wow ... i don't know ..."


Michael Kimball said...

I loved THE BIRD ROOM--a strange (and I mean that in the best way) and beautiful (also, best way) novel.

Susan said...

Recent thoughts
1) yes, tweet
2) no, i think your fine. you don't say "paul owster", do you?

Crispin Best said...

whatever you said about paul simon sounded good

i liked the 'picture' of your name that they used to break up the interview

i felt like a gruff american radio host was saying it every time

Jenn said...

nah. tweeting sucks up all your time. I tweet. Tweet.


Aiden Clarkson said...

turner and hooch.

Martin Higgins said...

I tweet. It's much of a muchness.

I agree with the venerable Mr. Best, I would like more Paul Simon please.