Tuesday, 17 February 2009

new stuff, etc.

the next There's No Point In Not Being Friends With Someone If You Want To Be Friends With Them night is on the 23rd of this month (February). i'm not helping organise it, just attending. it looks fun.

i am interviewing Tao Lin for the Canongate website. i just read through Tao's answers to my questions. i made 'gleeful' snorting sounds a few times. i am excited for this interview to be posted (sometime soon?).

i saw Josie Long this evening at a comedy club in Manchester. here is a youtube video of Josie Long recommending books (*spoiler alert* Richard Yates, Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger, Raymond Carver, Richard Brautigan *spoiler alert*)

i am soon going to be part of 'something very special'.

i would like to get involved with the Amazon Vine Programme (tm). how does that happen? what do i need to do? do i need a 'proven track record'? is there a 'vetting process'? does money 'change hands'? etc.

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Crispin Best said...

josie long is a very nice person and i met her a few times in london and she pretended to remember me each time but in a generous way and i thought that was nice of her