Monday, 23 February 2009

no point / paint my album / i am david

No Point In Not Being Friends 8 is tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

i read a short 'pornographic episode' from The Bird Room, about halfway through the current Paint My Album video:

i like all the Paint My Album videos. the website is good, too.

'i am david' (see post directly below) has only had 37 hits so far.

short excerpt from a gmail chat this morning with Socrates:

me: i don't understand
what is wrong with people?
they've had OVER TWELVE HOURS to watch it
Socrates: i know
ungrateful fuckers
after all we have done for them
me: i will check you tube now -- see if there's any 'external links' or anything ...
Socrates: damn
i am singing a song
me: it is a 'slow burner' maybe ...
Socrates: i am david
me: it will just get more and more popular
or maybe we are the only people who think david is funny
Socrates: maybe
me: that is quite possible maybe
i don't care
Socrates: haha
me: i'm really really proud of it
Socrates: i love it


Martin Higgins said...

'sagnadly' was today's word verification. I like that, reminds me of 'dagnabbit'.

I very much enjoyed 'David' and am in the process of recommending it to others.

sally cook said...

let's do an official launch of David

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

oh wow - that new poster looks great.

is there a new designer or something?

the old designs were rubbish

FellHouse said...

In order to help David become a phenomenon, you could post it on the B3ta links board at Lots of people read the B3ta links board, including 'The Ridiculant' at The Metro, who then publicises the links/videos that he likes in The Metro newspaper. Also B3ta was in The Guardian's top 100 websites. Just make sure - if you do - that you flag the 'I made this' box when posting it. Otherwise you will be accused of spamming and subjected to the vilest abuse.

I was going to link it myself but thought that might be a little forward.

Chris said...

am i supposed to go away and do a link now?

because i can

i could do 4 or 5

chris killen said...

Martin, thanks.

Sally, yes please.

Socrates, 'whatever'.

Tom, cheers. i signed up. it says i have to wait until 10am on tuesday to post a link.

Chris, yes please. post many links all over the place.

An Unreliable Witness said...

I would link it.
But I only have three readers.
And they are all called David.
So, well, you know, I would worry that they might feel kind of victimised. Or stalked. And then come round and beat me with rusty axes.

If I get a reader called Beryl, however, the link is yours. I promise.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

my g-mail isn't working. So this is going to be my new way of communicating with everyone.

Hi everyone, could you all send me that money/food you owe me?


Kind wishes,


Chris said...

i did it
maybe 4 or 5 links
and since i did it the play count has doubled
for which i take all credit

thank you

where's my cheque?

Steph Barton said...

I support phenomena.
I love David.
I'd quite like to be David, until about 1:22 - then I would like to be the fridge.

brandon said...

can i cameo in the next episode of david