Tuesday, 10 February 2009

review of 'Naive. Super' by Erland Loe

i am 106 pages into 'Naive. Super' by Erland Loe

i feel kind of strange reading it
i feel it is very similar to my novel
even though i didn't read 'Naive. Super' by Erland Loe until now
it is even the same publisher in the UK
and similar jacket design
Erland Loe uses lots of line breaks
even the things that are different -- the chapter titles, etc. -- were things in earlier versions of my novel
i feel like 'Naive. Super' (up to and including p. 106) is a 'positive' and 'sweet' version of my novel
like it is dealing with some of the same ideas but from a different perspective
if anyone reading this post sort of liked my novel but found it too 'bleak' or whatever
i would recommend reading 'Naive. Super' by Erland Loe
i am a bit drunk right now

here is another review of 'Naive. Super'

here is a (cat) website i read about this morning in The Metro

my friend Socrates is writing a 'choose your own adventure' blog

i just changed the name of this band to "dogs.com.uk" ('changes may not be searchable for up to 24hrs')


thisblogisacatinsteadofablog said...

Hello Chris, I am also quite drunk now. I am listening to Arab Strap quite loudly. I want to read your novel again, but I think I have lost it in the stacks of paper.

colin bassett said...

i like naive. super

it feels 'right' that it is similar to your novel

i've been meaning to make a 'canongate post' on my blog about 'the bird room' and 'naive. super' and also about rebecca gowers' 'when to walk'

i feel like i like all these books in the same way

Jonny Darko said...

that's strangely interesting, i ordered 'naive. super' from ebay the same day i got your email saying that my copy of 'bird room' had shipped. like maybe there's some kind of synergy to the universe after all. or maybe not.

Martin Higgins said...

I read about that Cat site in the Metro too and immediately thought of you.

Then I thought of what I was getting for lunch, then I worried about the work I had to do after lunch, then I stared out the window, then....

Matt Farthing said...

I cant believe you actually changed the name of your band to dogs.com.uk... what's next? raising a child perfectly normally except for relentlessly teaching them that elephants are, in fact, back to front - that the tail is the trunk and the trunk is the tail and that the face is just a horrifically featureless lump of flesh with a disturbing arsecrack-like crevice running down it...

Crispin Best said...

colin: don't forget obama's books

there is a very weird synergy. chris, you know i got your book and naive super together. i started reading naive super yesterday (on the toilet). i am not up to p.106 yet. let's do a bookclub. let's have a symposium. let's get someone to project it onto a wall at 'awp', whatever 'awp' is.

Mary-Beth said...

I read 'Naive. Super' a while ago and pretty much fell in love with it - I enjoy novels with lists ever so much.
I can definitely see similarities between it and 'The Bird Room', which I read (and loved) last week.

Hope to see you soon Chris, glad you're doing wonderfully.